Have you ever wondered if you're creating something that someone else in the State has already done?  Do you feel like you're reinventing the wheel? Please take a moment to read through these thoughts and share your ideas, needs and lets see if we can connects you with others who can help or share their own successess and even their not so great endeavors so we can learn from each other.  Look at the topics below and feel free to comment and share.  

Do you have something to offer/sell, rent, trade or loan?  (Art Supplies, Art Services, Buildings, Equipment (show panels, lighting, speaker/amp systems).

Do you have an Artist-in Residence program?  Do you want to start one?

Are there Services you can offer, or perhaps need? (Web design, bookkeeping, press release writing and distribution, Grant writing, Lobbying, event planning, marketing classes, etc)

Are you a performer, storyteller or chataqua performer looking for gigs?  

Or are you looking for performers etc. as above?  (check out the post under the Resources and Links Tab!)

Do you have, or know of Publication Opportunities?  (New Mexico Magazine, NM True , FAM trips)

With reductions in government funding, what can we do to raise money? Events? Services? Do you need links to other foundations and granting organizations?

That's a good start!  Join us and be a part of helping us help you and connect you to others with similar needs or resources!


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  • The Northwest New Mexico has some wonderful commemorative posters from past events to send you. Check them out at nwnmac.org. We will send some if you mention this post. Email nwnmac1@gmail.com.
    Northwest New Mexico Arts Council
    • Nice! Send us some of the .jpg's from the posters and we'll post them with a like to you!
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