I don't know how many of you realize the impact we artists and the many arts related businesses and organization that dot our vast landscape.  But you do. We all do.  In 2014 the Department of Cultural Affairs tasked BBER (Bureau of Business and Economic Research, UNM) with a project to determine the economic impact of the Arts on the economy in New Mexico.  The following two paragraphs are taken from the resulting report.

"The arts and cultural industries are among the main drivers of New Mexico’s economy. Arts and culture in New Mexico enjoy a national reputation far beyond the state’s size or economic standing. With the proper level of support and evolution, the arts and cultural industries could be leveraged to help power the New Mexico economy as it emerges from the economic recession. To appreciate the importance of arts and culture to New Mexico’s economy, consider that these industries are the primary source of employment for 43,031 New Mexicans –roughly equal to the state’s construction industry and 50% larger than the manufacturing industry. The arts and cultural industries account for about 1 of every 18 jobs in the state (5.5%). These industries pay $1.37 billion in wages and salaries, roughly equal to the total paid by the state’s mining industry, and more than the total paid by hotels and restaurants.

If we include persons employed cultural tourism, arts and cultural education and industries linked to the unique culture and heritage of the state (e.g. crafts, salsa, and adobe), the arts and cultural industries employ 76,780 persons - equal to about one in ten jobs (9.8%) in the state. That is more than the construction and manufacturing industries combined. Arts and cultural industries generate $137.1 million in revenues for state and local governments in New Mexico. Approximately two-thirds of the total is received by the state government as gross receipts taxes, income taxes paid by cultural workers, federal transfers and various fees and private grants. The total cost of cultural services to public agencies in New Mexico is $168.0 million."

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