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Welcome New Members!

In the past 24 hours we have seen an impressive uptick in new memberships!  Welcome to all of you!   If you want to keep up with new conversations or posts, you can check back as you have time.  We know you are all busy, we all are!  Our hope is that this site will link us all together throughout New Mexico.  It is easy to feel isolated...artists, arts organizations, museums, and government all spread far and wide across this Land of Enchantment!  If you want promote an so!  If you want to ask a question, go for it.  If you discovered a new way to put the square peg in a round hole...SHARE IT!   Now that you are a member you can comment on posts, respond to comments and questions and participate in creating and sustaining conversation.  So, it's nice to meet you!  My name is Katherine and I am the site creator and administrator.  Right now I am the only one...but as we grow we hope others will step in to help.  Let me know if you have questions, simply comment on the post and I'll see it.  Thanks for joining.  It will be fun to see where we go with this!

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Welcome to Creative New Mexico!

While this site is being built as we write, we want to invite you to look around.  This is a new online community designed for you.  Our creative culture in New Mexico takes many forms.  Individual artists working in studios scattered across the many miles of varied environment in our great State.  Many museums, arts councils, arts institutions, galleries, concert halls and much more work tirelessly to create, sustain and promote a flurry of divergent arts experiences.  We hope this site will be a place to bring all of that together.  Where you can interactively learn, discuss and grow. Share events, opportunities and needs.  It might be a bit before we are ready to launch, we'll keep working, and always desire to hear from you.  Please be aware that all photos shared are provided by our members, and copyright is retained by them.  No photos may be copied or downloaded.

Click on the forums tab and find a discussion category to enter.  Or hover over the Forums tab and see the topic areas.  Click on an area and read the posts. If you wish, follow up on a discussion or post a new one! We will be adding more and more as time goes on.  Anyone can read what is written, but only members can comment and enter discussions.   As we grow, artist members will be able to promote their events and openings.  Government Officials will be able to make announcements and conduct polls.  Watch as we move ahead.

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