Art as Therapy for a Spirit in Grief

 Art is a healing outlet, and Shiprock artist, Venaya Yazzie is doing a tribute to her grandmother, Jane Yazzie, and coping with anxiety and how a person from the Navajo Nation is dealing with loss and the pandemic.

 Her grandmother’s teachings of Navajo Jewelry Adornment and cultural narrative history are inspiring her art at the first Santa Fe Indian Virtual Market, Southwestern Association for Indian, on August 1-31, 2020 at

 Venaya’s adoration of southwest Indigenous tribal adornment, tribal language and the traditional Indigenous oral traditions of her ancestry has led her to the clothing design, photography and poetry road. 


It is Venaya’s belief that art should always tell a story and that her work continue and create contemporary dialogue of Indigenous identity, social justice, self-awareness, the environment and innate cultural ties to tribal people and their true historical past. 


Contact Artist for an interview at:

 Venaya Yazzie

(505) 592.2334

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