DCA Secretary Gonzales is once again asking for your support at the Senate Finance Committee Budget Hearing. Please consider writing your legislators and members of the committee about how important New Mexico Arts funding and the Department of Cultural Affairs is to your organization. If you are in Santa Fe and can attend the meeting the time and location is below.


Thanks for your support.







From: "Gonzales, Veronica, DCA" <VeronicaN.Gonzales@state.nm.us>
Date: January 22, 2018 at 4:31:06 PM MST
To: "Gonzales, Veronica, DCA" <VeronicaN.Gonzales@state.nm.us>
Subject: DCA Budget Hearing Monday January 29

Dear Arts and Culture Advocates, DCA Boards, Commissions, Foundations, and Friends,


I am respectfully asking you one last time to please come out and demonstrate your support at the Senate Finance Committee (SFC) Budget hearing for the Department of Cultural Affairs (DCA) on Monday January 29 – suggested arrival time 2:00 pm.  Your attendance is urgently needed to show support for the critical budget recommendation by the Executive for DCA to stabilize cultural services across the state.  DCA’s operating budget is still very much in jeopardy — a total of $2.1 million short in operating funds. 


Your presence at the House Appropriations Committee (HAFC) hearing resonated.  We now have a commitment from HAFC to help us; but we will still need approximately $1 million from the Senate Finance Committee to reach the executive recommendation to stabilize DCA programs.


The amount of advocacy support for our department has been overwhelming and has made a difference to policymakers.  Our heartfelt gratitude to each and every one for your participation and support. DCA has not had a budget hearing before SFC in over a decade.  Let’s show them that the public does care about our budget!


Following below are talking points should you be able to speak with any of your legislative Representatives and Senators to respectfully ask them to support the Executive Recommendation for the Department of Cultural Affairs, especially those on the Finance and Appropriations Committees:


Base Operating Budget (Recurring Funds)   $2.1 million DFA recommendation

DCA’s Operating Budget has been severely cut.  The Executive Budget Recommendation for FY 19 will restore $2.1 million for base operations.

This additional recurring General Fund is gravely needed to help stabilize DCA’s structural deficit.

        DCA is seeking help from both the House and the Senate to backfill its budget shortfall. 

DCA has been operating with 25% fewer staff across the department (100 core positions), which has severely strained staff and limited programs and services.  The executive recommendation will allow DCA to fill critical vacancies and function at a sustainable level.


Please forward this invitation to Friends and Advocates. 


Thank you again for everything you do to support the arts and culture of our beautiful state!!






Veronica N. Gonzales

Cabinet Secretary

New Mexico Department of Cultural Affairs

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